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Sweet but Twisted 20oz Sublimation Tumbler Transfer

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Sublimation Printed Transfer

Sublimation Transfer requires a sublimation-ready tumbler to apply.

Please see the instructions below for Sublimation Transfers

1. Make sure you are using a sublimation prepped tumbler

2. Trim transfer down to fit your tumbler snuggly

3. Attach the Transfer Image facing towards the tumbler with heat-safe tape ensuring a snug fit. Make sure to secure the edges as well.

4. Using either a masking tape or a Heat Wrap designed for your tumbler, seal the entire tumbler

5. Using your preferred method cure the tumbler 

Please Note we recommend using a convection oven at 350-400 degrees for 5-8 mins. this will vary depending on your oven if you do not have a tumbler press.

For safety reasons we recommend you avoid using the kitchen oven that you prepare food in.

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